The Influence (Leonard Cohen Consoles Nick Cave) By Ben Smith…

The Influence (Leonard Cohen consoles Nick Cave) by Ben Smith. Oil on board. Thanks to Jason for the link.

Ben Smith is based in Sydney, Australia. See more from this talented artist, here.

In other news, the new Leonard Cohen record “Old Ideas“, Cohen’s first in seven years, is completely stellar, and darker than anything he’s done in decades. It’s currently streaming via Guardian UK. In even more metal Leonard Cohen news, a compilation of Cohen covers will be available in the March 2012 issue of UK mag, MOJO . Sterogum is streaming three tracks from the comp right now.

Leonard Cohen will turn 78 years young in September. If I were Nick Cave, I’d need a hug from Cohen too after he told me that my best creative years might still be 23 years away. At any rate, both Cohen and Cave (who celebrates his 55th birthday on 9/21, one day after Cohen), make getting older look much cooler than I’ve been informed getting older actually is. Could 78 is the new 40? I say why the fuck not.


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