Seattle Snowmageddon Programming Note: Presented By Mick Jagger In Drag…

Hey girl! The ever versatile, Mick Jagger.

Greetings from Seattle. A place where on any given day during the winter you will hear someone say, “It never snows here.” I’ve lived in Seattle for almost 13 years now, and even in my most inebriated states, would call that person (the same person who takes their shirt off when it’s 50* degrees in February), a filthy lie-teller! Right now, all signs are pointing to Seattle Snowmageddon 2012, so I’ve been doing my best to help to empty the shelves at the supermarket and hardware store, all while cursing at people who have no idea how to drive in three inches of snow.

Anyareyoustilllreadingthisway, along with that, I’ve got some important behind the scene CB stuff to do this week so, posts are going to be sort of slow. Thankfully, all posts will continue to be completely excellent. Phew!

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