TMI! Axl Rose Suffering From Montezuma’s Revenge and Bronchitis…

Apparently, nobody bothered to tell Axl Rose NOT to drink the water in Mexico.

Management for Axl Rose released a statement saying that the 49 year old singer has been hit hard with bronchitis and the so-called Montezuma’s Revenge for the past couple of weeks. Which sort of explains this, and this. But I digress. Management for Axl Rose and G’N’R clearly missed the TMI train when it comes to this press release. Bronchitis? Check. exhaustion? Check. Meltdown after finding out there will be no roast chicken, rare filet mignon, Cesar salad, four cheeseburgers or spinach salad in your dressing room? Check, and check. Montezuma’s Revenge? Keep that shit (it stays) to yourselves, suits.

Despite his various ahem, aliments, Axl and the rest of G’N’R went on to play a 3+ hour show at the Bi Lo Center in Greenville on Halloween. The band was still going strong at 2 a.m. even though roughly half of the 11,000 arena seats were empty. Which can’t help but strike even the cold-hearted metal fan, a little sad.


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