Very Metal Halloween Pumpkin Carvings…

KISS pumpkin!

It’s pumpkin time again! Here’s a few of the very metal variety for your viewing pleasure.

Ronnie James Dio memorial pumpkin carving by Shawn Feeney.

This amazing orange homage to the late Ronnie James Dio, was carved by Oakland based artist, Shawn Feeney. Ever year, Feeney does a new memorial pumpkin carving. See more at Feeney’s website. You can also catch Feeney and his pumpkin carving team, the Bling Bats on the “Halloween Wars” grand finale on the Food Network, Oct. 23, at 9pm.

Devil Horns OUT!


Pumpkin carving of the words found on every record you gotta listen to (and a few you don’t really need to. I’m talking to you Too Live Crew).

Rolling Stone has a sweet gallery of nearly 40 rock ‘n’ roll inspired pumpkin carvings. Check it!

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