If An Idol Falls In The Shower In Paraguay, Will Anyone Hear…?

Yikes! The aftermath of Steven Tyler’s shower-fall in Paraguay this week.

In the seemingly never-ending “Steven Tyler has fallen and he can’t get up” news, here is a photo of the aftermath of Tyler’s latest misadventure that didn’t involve Joe Perry, but a shower in Paraguay. The fall cost Tyler two teef, stitches, and a nasty shiner. And naturally, the rumors that Tyler’s fall was caused by Tyler falling off the sobriety wagon, have been rampant.

Tyler maintains that he is, and has been, stone cold sober since entering a treatment program after his last relapse, and that food poisoning and dehydration caused him to pass out in the shower in his hotel. Tyler said he woke up with “with the water running on me, not knowing where the hell I was.”

The incident caused Aerosmith to postpone their show in Paraguay until yesterday, so a dentist could put two new dental implants into Tyler’s mouth.

Steven Tyler shows off his shiner as he and Joe Perry take the stage together in Paraguay yesterday.

Even grumpy old Admiral Perry was quick to give Tyler praise for taking the stage a day later in Paraguay after being treated for his fall. Perry tweeted that “Steven even played harp with his busted lip my mind was blown. He put on one of his best shows ever. Aerosmith rocks on.”

In other news, (and with all due respect), is 63 too early to get one of those Life Alert bracelets? And if it’s not, do they have a waterproof/Joe Perry proof variety? According to their website, Life Alert is the only company proven to save lives from CATASTROPHE! And a world without Steven Tyler’s rock ‘n’ roll antics would be just that, a catastrophe! As well as leaving yours truly with nothing to live for, or blog about. Which would be bad for everyone me.

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