Oh You Pretty Things! 70’s Inspired David Bowie Paper Dolls…

David Bowie from the 70’s paper doll by Vodka Caramel.com.

A reader sent me this 70’s inspired David Bowie paper doll sheet, and I’ve been obsessing about the existence of David Bowie paper dolls ever since. Especially since I found there are more in addition to the glamtastic one from Vodka Caramel.com, above.

David Bowie paper doll from Germany.

David Bowie, renaissance man and rad paper doll. I tried to translate the German text on the picture but I don’t actually speak German.

More Bowie paper doll madness from Germany.

This Bowie paper doll is based on the Thin White Duke’s “New Romantic” phase.

David Bowie paper doll illustration by Claudia Varosio. $19 via Esty.

Although this Bowie paper doll is actually an illustration, and can’t be played with (BOO!), it’s still completely metal. And so is the artist behind it, Claudio Varosio. More from the London based artist and illustrator, via her Esty store.


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