Daily Earwig: Big Wheel Stunt Show – When The Mountain Blows…

Big Wheel Stunt Show. Three very metal dudes, no big wheels. Tacoma, REPRESENT!

Two weeks ago, I was a part of the third installment of the Super Rock Power Hour podcast for Classic Rock Magazine. Headed up by Internet radio rock ‘n’ roll m*therf*cker, Ken McIntyre, myself, the confident and witty Stacey, and lone wolf rocker, Swilson, all got to chat with members of four very metal bands, including Tacoma’s Big Wheel Stunt Show.

Big Wheel distills their rock with nods to Sabbath, Mountain, and classic hardcore blues. Their latest record, Cheeta Milque, completely blew my biker boots off, especially the track and today’s Daily Earwig, When The Mountain Blows.  I highly recommend picking it up, and then turning it up to 11.

If you’re in Seattle, you can catch Big Wheel Stunt Show at The Sunset on September 22nd.


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