The Sh*t Dee Snider Says: “I’m Taking Broadway Show Tunes And I’m Making Them Rock.”

Dee Snider. Photograph by Hal B. Selzer, April 6, 2011.

Word on the street is that the second installment of Dee Snider’s horror flick Strangeland is official dead. But you can’t keep the very metal former frontman of Twisted Sister down! In a recent interview with Goldmine, Snider said he is keeping busy working on his book (a biography), as well as putting together a ‘Broadway’ album. Says Snider about going ‘Broadway’:

I’ll preface this by saying, no, it’s not metal. It’s called “Dee Does Broadway”. I’m taking Broadway show tunes and I’m making them rock. It’s sort of a “Twisted Christmas” taken to Broadway. But there are some pretty metallic moments there, I’ll tell you. “Sweeney Todd” translates into a metal song amazingly — bass, drums, guitar — so some of the songs are really metallic, but it’s a rock record. I’m doing it as a solo artist. I’m working on that.

Okay, so it won’t be metal, but it’ll be “metallic”? Either way, especially given Snider’s very metal track record over the last decade, I’ll take it.

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