“The Dude” Sweater From The Big Lebowski Heads To Auction Block…

The Dude and his sweet cardigan.

The costume designer for The Big Lebowski, Mary Zophres, says that there were four sweaters made for “The Dude”. The vintage sweater pictured on Jeff “The Dude” Bridges above, and three additional later-day copies. Bridges wore the sweater during the entire production, which will hopefully ensure that even it’s authentic smell (think, white russians, pot, ciggy’s, and Jeff Bridges), will be intact.

The auction, held May 14th-15th by Profiles in History, plans to open bidding for the sweater somewhere between $4,000 to $6,000.

In other very metal Dude news, the maker of The Dude sweater, historic Oregon wool mill, Pendleton, plans to reintroduce a “tribute version” of the sweater that will retails for $188 (or about 45 white russians) in September.

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