Monkee Martini’s! Official Monkees Cocktail Shaker…

Official The Monkees Cocktail Shaker by Rhino. $60.00.

Get your own Monkee Martini maker by Rhino, here. Includes Davy, Mike, Peter and Micky swizzle sticks , and a Monkee cocktail recipe book. Monkeetini’s for everyone! But since I have non idea what’s in a Monkeetini, I was forced to make up my own version…:

Cherrybomb’s Monkeetini or, The Sunny Girlfriend

Combine in ice filled shaker (preferably the Monkee Shaker for best results)
2 jiggers Absolute Mango
1 jigger Bols Banana Liquer
dash of Bitters Old Men Roasted Macadamia Bitters
Fresh lime juice of 1/2 a lime

Shake well and garnish with lime peel. It’s almost as good as getting drunk with the actual Monkees. Almost…



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