Motel Hell Circa 1986 With Lemmy. Shot By Ray Palmer…

Hello Darling! Lemmy, in his natural habitat.By Ray Palmer.

This photo of Lemmy Kilmister, was shot by very metal London born photographer, Ray Palmer. If you remember the 80’s the way I don’t do, then you will truly appreciate this photo gallery from Palmer, a very metal photographer, and rock ‘n’ roll memory collector. For an all too short time, Palmer was the right man, with the right eyes, at the right time.

Table for two! Rob Halford making dinner for his plus 1. Maybe 1987?

Palmer’s official website says they will be posting more photos, noting that there are more, higher quality, rare stuff, shot by the late photographer (who passed away too young in 2002), coming to the site. I for one, can’t wait.

Donations to Palmer’s favorite charities, the National Institute for the Blind and The Alzheimer Society, can be made here.

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