Why The F*$K Not? Deep Fried Beer FTW….

Deep fried Guiness ravioli. Thank you Mark Zable.

The creation of Mark Zable (who was probably smoking the good shit when he came up with the idea), Deep Fried Beer will of  make its glorious debut at the Texas State Fair competing in the Big Tex Choice Awards on Labor Day. Zable’s Deep Fried Beer will compete against other fried anomalies like Deep Fried Frozen Margarita, Texas Fried Frito Pie and Fried Lemonade.

To make his beer infused fried wonder chunks, Mark takes a ravioli, fills it up with Guinness, seals it and then tosses it into a deep fryer. It’s said that your first chomp on this boozy ravioli will sends a shot of beer, deep into the hear of Texas, or your mouth. Zable says it took him three years to perfect his drunken pasta and, keeps the intimate deep fried deets of Deep Fried Beer, under wraps.

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