Bob Marley Tattoo: FAIL!

Bob Marley tattoo. For JB.

Ignorance might be blissful but, a tattoo is forever. Word.


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7 Responses to Bob Marley Tattoo: FAIL!

  1. Phil E. Drifter

    Did he died?

  2. Thats Jimi Hendrix…

  3. @ Eli:
    Damn, you’re smart !

  4. this guy should have a scroll above with hendrix and then out Bob under then it will look fine

  5. Chris Steven

    Just to say, firstly, yeah, thats clearly Hendrix, but the whole idea of a Bob Marley tatoo, is a “FAIL”.
    Now, Bob Marley has been my main inspiration in life, and what better way to show your respect than a tatoo???
    Hmmm, well, put it this way, if you had any respect for Bob Marley, you would respect his beliefs.
    He was rastafarian, they do not believe in altering their bodies, that’s what ultimately lead to his death, as he would not allow doctors to remove the cancerous tumour in his foot…
    It went against his religous beliefs, therefore, the man himself, would never consider getting tatooed, so one of the dumbest things to get tatooed on your body would be anything that would associate you with the rastafarian religion or Bob Marley himself.
    One Love.

  6. What a fucking idiot. ‘Nuff said.

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