Sears ’74: Twin Sheet Set By My Buddy Weiser…

Budweiser Bedding. Sears 1974 Fall/Winter Catalog. For Jim McD.

I used to date a guy in High School that had these sheets. Now, if you read into that last nightmarish statement, you get three possible takes on what it might imply. That said, let me address your concerns immediately:

No, I never had sex on that bed with that boy. That, Monica Lewinsky.

My 16 year old boyfriend didn’t have a job. Which means he didn’t buy these sheets for himself. Yes, he had the coolest parents ever.

Even at the tender age of 15, I was already too advanced to be susceptible to the mature allure of the Budweiser Sheets. The Budweiser Tall in a can? Not so much. True story.

Next week’s Sears ’74 will be our biggest awe-inspiring, flashback inducing pictorial yet. Stay tuned…

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4 Responses to Sears ’74: Twin Sheet Set By My Buddy Weiser…

  1. I remember those sheets. I think all of them had stains from many lonely nights watching Daisy Duke. Or if you lived in the South General Lee.

  2. Or Somerville, Massachusetts…;

  3. Which is worse? Sitting with your friends reminiscing about having your cherry popped by Johnny Quarterback on nappy fleece Budweiser sheets as your head pounded into the wall as he pounded you poorly. Or the first night of a weekend getaway with Mr. who is not as cool as you thought on-line? And now he has you trapped at a creepy fishing cabin that is not quaint but down right frightening (not because it is deep in the woods and no one can hear your screams but that he really thinks these sheets are cool)? All I know is that a guy with sheets like that is going to pop a strange question about a long neck bottle, deep throating and his bum. And yes that is the same vomit taste in your mouth you had back in the 70′s at Johnny’s…

  4. Awww, for Christ’s sakes, AFJ!

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