Body of CHRIST! Kennedy Banned From Catholic Communion…

In other words, Patrick Kennedy is doing it RIGHT!

Representative Patrick Kennedy, son of the late Senator Ted Kennedy has claimed that Roman Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin of Rhode Island instructed diocesan priests not to give him Communion. The Bishop admitted to writing Kennedy a letter two years ago, requesting that he stop receiving Communion due to his views on abortion.


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3 Responses to Body of CHRIST! Kennedy Banned From Catholic Communion…

  1. …or due to his amazing side-comb. Jeebus. Who wears hair like that around anyone in public who doesn’t live under a rock? Genetically speaking, that’s curable, I think.

    When in doubt, go bald. It gives you about two days to decide whether or not to keep it or try again.

    Mr. Kennedy, we grant you a second chance – only if you shave it first. BTW – do you ever get a Brazilian…you know, a Porno Penis? Try it – you’re a Kennedy already condemned by God.

  2. It’s not enough that poor Patrick lost his Dad. Now he loses the Body of Christ? The Meat of Salvation? Anyway, this is an old photo. PK’s hair isn’t that bad anymore for someone who enjoys killing babies. Cut him some slack, Jack.

    Cheers (call me, let’s party)!

  3. I can’t see the benefit in any Kennedy having a Brazillian…well maybe Caroline or Jackie O in her young days. No way not even Maria Shriver; those teeth scare the hell out of me. But come on people. Letting the Catholic Church permit some Bishop chastise and pass judgment on a Kennedy is the biggest pile of hypocritical bullshit. Hmm lets see. It is ok to hide ruining children over for life with ruminations of hide Mr. Fisty or other meat prcduct by their church leaders. But God Forbid you try to act with passion toward a human making one of the toughest decisions she may ever make. I say screw the crappy wine and bland wafer and poop on Mr. Rhode Islander Tobin. the beer and whisky is better in Massachusetts.

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