Joe Perry On Aerosmith’s “Indefinate” Hiatus: “We Need Some Time Apart”…

Are the good times really gone?: The Toxic Twins of the 1970’s. For LP.

In the continuing saga of what may be the impending implosion of Aerosmith, Joe Perry told MTV that he and Steven Tyler are on on an extended time-out. Perry sent Tyler to the naughty chair after the 62 year old vocalist repeatedly injured himself, causing the band to cancel their huge summer tour. Here’s The Perry’s latest not-so-subliminal message to Tyler:

We’re gonna be on indefinite hiatus, I think, at this point. We need some time apart. For myself, it’s worked out great, because I’ve got this project going, and I’m getting all kinds of offers to do things I would normally have to turn down. I think we need some space at this point. That’s from me. You’ll have to ask everybody else and ask Steven what he thinks, but that’s where I’m at.

Awkward! Especially since Aerosmith is playing two make-up gigs in Hawaii this coming Sunday and Tuesday. 8,000 fans were eligible for free tickets as part of a class action lawsuit that was filed after the band canceled a show in Maui in September of 2007. Tyler previously confirmed that he will be a part of both gigs so, it’s going to be interesting to see if the feuding Toxic Twins can actually kiss and shut-the-fuck-up (I’m talking to you Joe Perry). I also hope that Steven Tyler makes it through both gigs without breaking his neck or pelvis. It’s tough to get old. True story.

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