Sears Catalog ’74: The Dickie Bra…

The Dickie Bra. It’s a dickie and a bra!

Welcome to a new weekly post here at called Sears ’74. For this installment, I’ll be posting photos from theSears Fall/Winter from 1974 every Wednesday. My father was a window dresser for Sears during the 70’s, so the Sears of the ’70’s holds a special place in what’s left of the “good memories” portion of my brain. I’m also aware that the Sears Catalog was considered better eye candy than Playboy back in the day, so be prepared for lots of prepubescent masturbation type flashbacks. I’ve got a seemingly endless supply for this topic so rinse off your polyester-blend slacks and pour yourself a cup of Sanka, I give you, the Dickie Bra.

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2 Responses to Sears Catalog ’74: The Dickie Bra…

  1. And I think she could take part in a medievel joust in that breast plate. This makes me happy I didn’t have breasts in 1974….

  2. I can just see a Bettie Page wannabe sporting one of these over at The Tractor. Bullet Bra OUT!

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