Sears ’74: The Very Impressive Panty Of Antron III…

Sears 1974 VIP panties. Then with a cotton or nylon-lined crotch. Geeze, thanks Sears…

Welcome to this weeks Sears ’74 flashback. We’ve come a long way sister…

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9 Responses to Sears ’74: The Very Impressive Panty Of Antron III…

  1. Impressive reaction K. I love to eat fruit…

  2. Is there anywhere I can buy VIP’s ?????? They are great!!!!!!

  3. Unless you have a time machine that can go back to 1974, it’s doubtful ;).

  4. Wore this brand for many years and they were superlative!!!

  5. Richard Lee Discovered Panties 1975

    There are panties and then THERE ARE PANTIES! These panties are the real deal folks and because of panties like these VIP’s I embraced wearing panties when I was 5. I’m very impressed

  6. It’s a shame Sears decided to push national brands over their own lines.
    These goods were the main reason for shopping at Sears instead of closer to home.

  7. In the old days every store had their “captive brands” “Blue Package, V.I.P, Gaymode, etc.
    These were the brands you could trust because the store’s name and reputation was riding on them.
    Why should I want to drive clear across town when the guy down the street carries everything Sears,Penny’s Etc carries?
    That’s my prescription for Sears and JC penny’s.
    Bring back the captive brands.
    And position them squarely in the middle.
    Not cutting edge or too expensive, but still a very good value for dollar.

  8. Don't Know???

    These VIP’s were around for a very long time. Way past 1974 because I have bought them at Sears several years ago. The only thing I found that even came close is Vanity Fair’s Perfectly Yours but they want $10 for one pair. That is too much money for me. They don’t have Very Impressive Panties on line but has anyone tried the any of the Sears stores themselves?

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