Todd Schorr’s Surreal America…

Todd Schorr, The Hydra of Madison Avenue. Acrylic on canvas, 2001.

American Surreal, a retrospective show for east coast native now LA based artist Todd Schorr, will be at the San Jose Museum of Art through September 16th. On July 16th, Schorr will conduct a panel discussion at SJM followed by a book signing for his new 120 page book, American Surreal published by Last Gasp.

More from Schorr here including an image gallery of Schorr’s past and present works.

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2 Responses to Todd Schorr’s Surreal America…

  1. I remember reading about Todd Schorr in an issue of Art? Alternatives back in 1992, along with Robt. Williams and Jim Blanchard. Great artist! Glad to see he’s still going strong.

  2. I agree. This is Schorr’s mid-career retrospective. Hopefully you can get out to see it!

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