In Bed With Mickey Rourke…

Mickey Rourke in a London hotel, January 2009.

The only thing missing from this photo is me, eight Chihuahuas, some kibble in case the dogs (or Mickey) get hungry, a white cowboy hat, a bottle of Makers, a carton of Marlboro red box, and a blindfold.

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2 Responses to In Bed With Mickey Rourke…

  1. What? No handcuffs or similar restraints? So disappointed in you CB!

  2. Restraints? How about some freaking deodorant for the roadkill hair weave wearing douche? and I think you would want to at least consider popping a couple ruphies and LSD so at least you would be in a similr state as the guy in the bed next to you. I wonder if his spunk smells like old foramdehyde in a dirty ash tray?

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