Dean Grose is Gross…

Photo of the White House sent from Los Alamito’s Mayor, Dean Grose.

…oh and Grose might be a racist too. Los Alamito’s city volunteer & local business person, Keyanus Price, says she received the email with the above photo from the Los Alamito’s Mayor’s own personal email address. Under the photo was the title:

No Easter egg hunt this year.

Grose has admitted to sending the email but says he wasn’t aware of the racial stereotype that black people like watermelons. Price, an African American woman, had considered Grose a friend before the incident. Grose says he has since apologized for sending the email. Then he added this bit of twisted logic into the mix. Which just reinforced what a huge douchebag he is:

Bottom line is, we laugh at things and I didn’t see this in the same light that she did.

Right. Watermelons on the lawn of the White House is pretty funny stuff. What’s next, picking cotton in the Rose Garden or some hilarious burning crosses outside the Oval Office?

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5 Responses to Dean Grose is Gross…

  1. About picking cotton – the Obamas are too lazy to do that they’re house hands not field hands. As for the burning crosses you coloreds need to get over your paranoia about the Klan.

    Personally I support the mayor on his e-mail. I have contempt for Obama too. I wish more Whites – from all parties – had more contempt for the Obamas.

    Just so you know that mayor did not give up his free speech rights when he took office. As for the black businesswoman who was offended – get a life hoodrat.

  2. Holy shite! This has got to be a work! Are you fucking kidding me? Are you a card carrying member of the Klan? You support the mayor on his racist email? That’s fine, that’s your right. You sound like a lovely person. “Coloreds need to get over their paranoia about the klan?” Are you for real?

  3. I have a feeling Lyn would have quite a few issues with the rest of the content on Cherrybombed…nice to see perspective from a different point of view – albeit ignorant. Recent study about ignorant people concluded that they don’t care about the results of that study. Ignorance is bliss:

  4. Opinions are like a$$hole$ every one has one. But an a$$hole with an opinion, well, I can tolerate that if they are finessed and provide a proper base or defense for their opinion. But lack of a palatable argument in defense of an opinion is nothing more than a statement. And from Lyn’s statement it is clear; she is an a$$hole with an opinion.

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