Rock Star Riders…

Rock Star riders. By now, you’ve all read Iggy’s rider. And you probably already know that Van Halen’s rider no longer excludes brown M&M’s. The ones below might make you wonder “why?” or, make you wish you had a rider too. Like Peter Gabriel’s

Even this tattoo of Peter Gabriel looks relaxed.

Peter Gabriel’s rider includes the words “do Peter”. Where does Cherrybomb sign up? Anyway, Gabriel is very specific when it comes to this request in his rider:

A female; Must have a relaxing/deep muscle massage in a hippy style!!! Must be ready to DO Peter at 6:20pm for 1 hour.”

And who could blame Peter for this one. Hippie Chicks Rule.

Trent Reznor tattoo. For Wonder Woman.

Trent Reznor’s rider doesn’t specify much. What Reznor’s rider does specify puzzles me:

Two (2) boxes of cornstarch.

Is Trent making pudding? Oobleck? Damn you Trent Reznor! Why must you be so mysterious?

Perry Farrell and his wife Etty Lau on the cover of Farrell’s Satellite Party from 2007.

Perry Farrell’s rider is pretty straight forward. Farrell’s request doesn’t confuse me like Trent’s above. And quite frankly, I’m a little disappointed:

Two (2) Packages of Zig-Zag rolling papers in the orange package.

What did you expect? Monkey’s, Jack Daniels and a sex-swing? Yeah, me too. Oh well. It’s still more tempting that Trent’s corn starch.

Okay. I’ll see you all tomorrow for Get The Fuck Out and at The Tractor tomorrow night for The Surf Coasters. Until then, try to tear yourself away from the devil box. That shit will kill you…

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4 Responses to Rock Star Riders…

  1. First, the cornstarch is a throwback to the Downward Spiral days when they’d coat themselves in the stuff before going out on stage. Second, and most important, that tat sucks ass! Trent looks like Owen Wilson with dark hair – that guy who got the tat should ask for his money back. Blech!

  2. Leslie Dzmelyk

    LOL, i was scrolling through pics of peter gabriel and there i spot my own arm. i am the owner of the pg tat. i’m his biggest fan. nice to see myself. peace and ♥, karma

  3. It’s a fantastic ink job you have there Leslie. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Leslie Dzmelyk

    i’m looking for an autograph tattoo on my arm (forearm, below the portrait) come september – peter returns to the states 🙂

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