Tattooed Eyes…

Corneal tattoo, brow and * tattoo.

Tattooing the cornea. The words are even hard to type without shuddering. Tattooing the eye is done by injecting a syringe full of ink directly, into the cornea. Looking for a tattoo artist that will actually ink your cornea? Good luck.

Blue cornea tattoo behind blue eyes.

Medical doctors routinely perform corneal tattooing on patients when the cornea has become damaged after some sort of trauma, like a burn or laceration. But a doctor won’t tattoo your cornea for purely cosmetic reasons. Enter the tattoo artist.

Eyeball Bling…

Eyeball tattooing just not your thing? How about an eyeball implant? Robert K. Maloney, director of Maloney Vision Institute in Los Angeles is the first ophthalmologist in America to perform a cosmetic jewelry implant into the eye.

To give his customers a twinkle in their eye, Maloney implants a 0.13-inch wide piece of jewelry into the conjunctiva — the mucus membrane lining the front of the eyeball.

“The eye is covered by a thin layer of skin and we make a small incision in that skin and slip the jewel underneath,” says Maloney. “It sits on top of the eyeball itself.”

The 15-minute procedure costs $3,900 and is performed under local anesthetic.

Contact Lens Bling.

Bling for your contact lens? I must have rubbed my eyes 50 times while watching Artist Erick Larenbeek vid on his contact lens bling.

Eyelid piercing. Never blink again…

Even eyelids aren’t even safe from the needle anymore. Eyelid piercing is quickly becoming the next hot spot on your body to mod. Read this article that describes Seattlite and tattoo artist Nick Anzalole’s first eyelid piercing experience. Nick also invented something called the Nick Piercing.

Anyway, Summer’s finally coming to a close and that means Bumbershoot and Burning Man are almost here. This also means that September is right around the corner which brings Nick Cave, The Surf Coasters, and The 21st Annual Shake the Shack Rockabilly Ball to Seattle. Summer might be over, but life in Seattle is still pretty sweet.

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18 Responses to Tattooed Eyes…

  1. I have been looking into getting an eye tatoo for a bit. Tho my research isnt as “refined” as id like to say that the tatoo of one cornea isnt as bad as alot of people would potray it.
    Yes there are risks, but even taking the meds your doctor hands you kids becuase hes “hyper” has a risk.

  2. krayziee

  3. i think its cool. idk if id get one, cool one sec not the next, but it looks cool. i really like the blue over red but cant find a pic of green or pink or orange. 🙁

  4. Morgen AKA Salem

    Umm i think it is awesome and i wud so do it! Just gotta find a person that will do it =) hmmm….. haha.

  5. this shit is fuckin retarted why the fuck would u mess wit your eyes….naw watch in a couple of years yall eyes gone be fucked up and thats real talk, plus the shit aint even cute yall went to far wit this shit its fuckin nasty

  6. dis shit is a little too much , like u must be REALLy bored of r life to want to do this

  7. Illiteracy United

    You’re all incredibly obtuse. It hurts my head to think that none of you can spell to save your lives, none of you know the definitions of the words you choose to use, AND most of you find that tattooing the whites of your eyes would be a wise decision. If the six of you are aged over thirteen, I am terrified for what you represent as citizens of the world and possible procreators. Supposing you all, cool people as you are, went out and got your eyes tattooed, I would bet money that you would experience some extreme vision problems in the future, quit your assembly line jobs, and become burdens of the country. You would probably get handicapped parking spaces for the duration of your lives and be robbing blind–through taxes and social security–those of us who appreciate education and are dutifully forging ahead in societal improvement. I beg you: either go read a book or never, ever have children.

  8. This got to be one of the most insane tattoos to get. They have no significance or have any meanings affiliated with them besides being “Stupid”. They are just a tattoo to draw more attention to one’s self. People who want these kinds of tats might as well have their eyes surgically removed and donated to someone who can use them.

  9. What’s the Nine Inch Nails song used in the contact lense promo video? Anyone?

  10. that’s the SCLERA not the cornea…

  11. Pls let me the cost of tattooing my cornea.I ve an accident long ago and I don’t want have a prosthesis.Iam a male,37years old.

  12. Its so up to the person to do what they want and kind of reactions they are going to get. But to b honest this is beyond stupid its ASSININE.

  13. This the most stupid things I have never seen. You really thing somebody going to take you serious with putting a tattoo in your eye or get a serious job. You know how dangerous that is. The Tattoo Artist could so easy damage your eye or couldn’t have clean the needle with your not even suppose to clean the needle, Your not even suppose use the same needle just do the same it went to the doctor and take out a new package. What the Tattoo Artist doesn’t do that and mess up. Only person that should me messing with eyes like that is a eye doctor who went to cool for messing the cornea. That is so irresponsible.

  14. This is interesting but seems incredibly dangerous. Possibly in the future there may be permanent inks that are safe for the eye. Bet it’d still be risky though. Not something I would do. Hrm.. They do make full cover contact lenses that cover the whites of your eyes you know?(not sure what they are called….) Why not go with that instead >>

  15. 21 year old male

    this is a free country if you are all truly american then you know everyone is different i would not do this myself ever but if someone wanted to do it let them who are you to say that they are dumb. thats like me saying oh you peirced your ear thats dumb, why does it have to be socially acceptable for someone to do something in this day and age? I have regular ink tattoos black and white everyday i look at them and thank god im different from everyone else. the world needs diversity thats what keeps the mind so creative. without it we would all be the same in such a bland uncreative world

  16. Just reading these comments….. One most of you really need an education. Half of you can’t even use the right word let alone spell it. And second it’s a free country , as long as you don’t do any harm to others I say it’s ok to do what you want. For Illiteracy United you really must have no life. I’m willing to bet you must be a hating loser that doesn’t really get any. Seeing as you have such discontent for certain other people procreating (jerk off) . Anyway to each their own. I myself wouldn’t do it but to all of you who judged. You might as well go commit suicide the first chance you get. It’s close minded people like you that sets humanity back… Real Talk

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