GTFO: Rippers, Impalers and Rags…

Wendy O? Check. Electrical tape? Check. Ready to GTFO…?

…check. Okay people. This weekend starts tomorrowday. Which might be today-today if you’re reading this on Wednesday-Day. You know…Get The Fuck Out Day…?

Now let’s roll…:

Wednesday, March 19th:


The Rippers (Italy)
The Funhouse
Garage from Italy? Yes, please. The Rippers sound is pure 60’s Garage. It’s also worth a trip out on a Wednesday just to hear The Rippers blast out a cover of Jerry & The Others, Don’t Cry to Me. For more Garage shaking rawk and roll, check out The Rippers label, Shake Your Ass Records. SYA is based in Italy and has got one impressive catalog that throttles through nearly every cool musically genre. Check out The Mojomatics or the awesome Jack O’ Fire (JOF also has a bunch of Estrus ear worthy releases). JOF’s record, Forever (from 1996) will make you flip your Hillbilly lid.

Thursday, March 20th:

The Valley
The Sunset

Friday March 21:

Dylan gets plugged in at The Newport Folk Festival

The Other Side of the Mirror: Bob Dylan Live at the Newport Folk Festival (1963-1965)
NW Film Forum

Even if you know the true story behind Dylan’s performance at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965, most of the footage in this flick will be new to your eyes. The moment Johnny Cash takes the stage and performs his own version of Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright, is magical. Johnny went on to record that song as well as two other Dylan covers later that year on his 17th record, Orange Blossom Special.


Citizen Cope
Moore Theater
Citizen Cope has got a way with words. Then he takes those words and wraps them around beautiful, soulful music. And since I have Dylan on my mind, Cope (aka Clarence Greenwood) does an amazing rendition of Dylan’s Simple Twist of Fate that will kill you, softly. Busy on Friday like Cherrybomb? Citizen Cope is also at the Moore on Saturday.

Saturday, March 22nd:

Shawn Smith
King Cobra

Looking Ahead:

Jonathan the Impaler

Impaler is a biopic about Jonathan Sharkey. You know, the Satanic Vampire who ran for Governor of Minnesota in 2006? Anyways, while not running for Government office, Jonathon enjoys spending his time as a Satanic Dark Priest, Sanguinarian Vampyre and a Hecate Witch. This doc covers that in all it’s satanic majesty. Impaler is at the Central Cinema on Thursday, March 27 (presented by STIFF)

The Dollyrots hit Seattle on April 22nd at El Corazon. The Dollyrots do an awesome cover of Zodiac Mindwarp’s, There’s a Barbarian in the Back of My Car (get it on Snake Oil Supercharm, a trib to the awesome Zodiac Mindwarp). A mere three days later, The Relays, the excellent Who trib, will be at the Tractor Tavern on Friday, April 25th. Jim Fergusun (or Roger Daltry) looks exactly like Daltry when it comes to his pants and hair.

Duran Duran and their hair, circa 1980-ish

Speaking of hair, Duran Duran will be at the WaMu Theater April 30. I love Duran Duran. But I’m not sure who is singing for them theses days. It can’t be Simon Le Bon. Because Simon Le Bon looks like this. Not like this. Anyways, they say it’s Simon Le Bon so I guess it’s Simon Le Bon. Even though the dude singing for them now looks like someone other than Simon Le Bon. Besides, Cherrybomb was always more of an Andy Taylor girl. And even though Taylor does not appear on this record and isn’t touring with the band, Simon Le Bon is still with the band. Take that Nickelback. Pre-sales for May 2008 gigs in Philly, Boston and NY started on March 17th while you were busy getting drunk.

Throw Rag – watch out, the punk rock circus is coming to Seattle…

Throw Rag is back in Seattle at King Cobra on Saturday, May 24th. A Throw Rag show is like a circus. Only with guitars, tattoos and loincloths. The band hasn’t played together very much in the last couple of years so if you like the circus, guitars and loincloths, you should be at the KC that night.

Joey Belladonna cries for the Indians…

Lastly, Joey Belladonna, former vocalist for Anthrax, will be at Studio Seven on Friday, April 18th. Joey’s former band mate Charlie Benante makes his own coffee now ’cause drummers gotta eat, ya’ know. Anyways, if you like your coffee with a little Anthrax (and who doesn’t?), sign up for monthly Charlie Coffee and get a free autographed Charlie Benante drum stick.

Now grab your drumsticks and GTFO already…

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