GTFO: Ready…Steady…Saturday…GO!

Wonder Woman temporarily replaces Wendy O. Evildoers beware!

Dang. It feels like it was just a weekend, and now it’s practically the weekend again. Just the way I likes it. This weekend, Team Cherrybomb will be out in force on Friday. It’s a special and sad night for us as one of our own is moving to Colorado. Which, by all accounts, is a very nice place to be going off to. I mean, there’s the mountains, the clean air, the running into Robert Redford at Starbucks. I mean, it’s practically Seattle. Except in Seattle you run into Mark Arm at an out-of-the-way coffee shop that isn’t Starbucks. I’m gonna miss you, Wonder Woman. I can’t wait to kick Seattle’s ass with you one more time.

Now, where should you be this weekend, and beyond? Let me check your crystal balls and see…

Editor’s Note: Cherrybomb has no balls of her own. But if she did, they would be made of diamonds, not some cheap-ass Mikasa crystal. Also, I am repeating some stuff from last week because it bears repeating. Not ’cause I forgot…Also, I am repeating some stuff from last week because it bears repeating. Take that, brain cell.

Wednesday, February 20th:rnr-soldiers-dont-give-a-fuck-about-you.jpg
Rock ‘n’ Roll Soldiers just got their hair did. Don’t mess with it…

Rock ‘n’ Roll Soldiers
@Sonic Ballroom
Oberhauen, Germany

Don’t I wish I was telling you RnR Soldiers were right here in Seattle tonight. However, we must be happy for our Oregon friends, as this is the second night of their ’08 European tour. The band has already hit Spain and Paris, and by all reports, both locations are still mostly standing. The excellent So Many Musicians to Kill would improve even the most worthy record collection. Favorite RNRS verse? You say you love me, but I’ll make you hate me. You say you love me, but I don’t give a fuck about you. Straight and to the point. Just how I likes it…

Friday, February 22nd:

The DT’s
Mos Generator

@The Funhouse

If you miss this show, get to Bellingham on Saturday, March 29th, and catch The DT’s with Black Eyes and Neckties and Skullbot at the Rogue Hero. Cherrybomb wouldn’t miss this show, though. Especially since the clown on the flier for this show told me not too miss it. And I always do everything the clowns tell me to do.

Monotonix plays with me and fire…

The Valley
Black Eyes and Neckties

@The Comet Tavern

Monotonix is like Gogol Bordello doing 110 down the highway with a tail light out, and a trunk full of nitrus. Black Eyes (or BENt) played live on KEXP last week, and the on-air performance broke my radio and my eardrums. Monotonix will invade Denver, CO on March 10th at Rhinoceropolis.

The Cops
The Lowe Beats
(Nick Lowe all-star trib with members of REM and The Young Fresh Fellows)
@The Tractor Tavern

Dennis Hopper Pop Art by Ed Ruscha

The Cool School
Northwest Film Forum
The Cool School is a trip back to the 1950’s art beat scene in LA. It includes interviews with Dennis Hopper and Frank Gehry, and focuses on the Ferus Gallery in LA, which held the very first Andy Warhol show. I think NWFF sums it up best here:

The Cool School is a vivid picture of the inspiring scene and shares the untold story of a group of scrappy artists that shook up the dull tastemakers, got arrested for obscenity, and ultimately established the importance of West Coast art.

The Cool School runs through Thursday, February 28th. And since I’m on the topic of Art, I was horribly remiss in not mentioning the opening of “A Cabinet Of Natural Curiosities” at the Roq La Rue on February 8th. While the gallery at The Roc will feature animals and other interpretations of living creatures, I love this piece by one of the shows featured artists, Lisa Petrucci (below)


The wood art of Lisa Petrucci is sweet. And let’s face it. You haven’t really lived unless you have seen a painting of a naked woman on a piece of wood. The show also includes the macabre and prolific works of LA’s Liz McGrath. To further stick it to you that girls can do it all, McGrath’s band, Miss Derringer, just finished up a ten-stop tour of the West Coast.

Saturday, February 23rd:

Dita Vox of Thee Emergency at The Funhouse. Photo by Cherrybomb.

Thee Emergency
A Gun That Shoots Knives

@The Comet Tavern

Holy Hellgate. This show is right on, so Dig It. This show is so good, it’s gonna bring Cherrybomb to The Comet two nights in a row. Take that, liver. And in keeping with the Colorado theme for this post, Thee Emergency will be at The Rocket Room in CO on March 21st.

Looking Ahead:

The Supersuckers got stars and guitars…

The Supersuckers will play five shows around Colorado starting on March 1st. What a way to welcome a girl to town. The Supersuckers have got to be one of the hardest working bands in the world. Ed Spaghetti and crew played 139 shows last year.

Gary Louris will be at the Showbox on March 16th. Louris is the vocalist for one of the best bands you maybe never heard of, The Jayhawks (listen to Rainy Day Music. It’s excellent even if you don’t live in Seattle). Although I’m not sure what kind of hellish afterlife you live in that doesn’t involve The Jayhawks, I’m sure it’s horribly bland and flavorless.

Pete Way back in the day…

UFO will be at El Corazon on May 7th. This is one of the many shows re-scheduled from The Croc. It features the original lineup, which includes Pete Way – the Bass Master of UFO, Waysted (who are touring now) and Fastway – clearly one of the greatest metal bands ever. At least that last point is verra clear to Cherrybomb. Not to digress, but check this vid from Waysted, “Heaven Tonight“. That spider-web never had a chance.


I would like to end on a Cheap Trick note. Because who doesn’t like a happy ending? I adore Cheap Trick. Every time I see them, I feel like those girls who used to faint in the front row of a Beatles show. Anyways, designer John Varvatos used CT for his latest ad campaign. And it’s awesome. But seriously, is it me, or does Robin Zander just not age like the rest of us? Anyways, Cheap Trick will be live at Budokan again on April 24th.

See you then. Now, Get The Fuck Out.

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  1. All I can say is damn look at that gap on Linda Carter. Almost makes you want to re-live some seventies music.

  2. Aaaaawwwwww, I’m gonna miss being part of Team Cherrybomb! Perhaps the tradition will be continued in CO?!?!

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