Birthday Brawl: Henry Rollins vs. Peter Gabriel

Henry Rollins

Okay. I would never pit Henry Rollins (who somehow turned 47 today) against Peter Gabriel (who turns 58) but they both share a birthday so there you go. Letting them go at it for real would be like sending Henry after your college music professor because he said you were flat in class the other day. But I will put them up against each other in other matters that really matter. Because isn’t that what really matters. Let’s go…:


Rollins: The Chase
Gabriel: Uh…nope

Advantage: Gabriel

Peter Gabriel


Gabriel: Was in Genesis. Rather amazing solo career. Combined record sales of Gabriel’s days with Genesis and his post-Duke days are probably in the neighborhood of 200,000,000.

Rollins: Was in Black Flag. Fronts the Rollins Band.


Advantage: Rollins (editors note: If Phil Collins is involved, his participation cancels out anything else. Even the awesome Gabriel/Genesis factor. And Henry was in Black Flag, for chrissake. BLACK FLAG)


Gabriel: Wrote the infamous “Biko” as a tribute to activist Stephen Biko. Gabriel has been a tireless champion for Human Rights for much of his life.


Rollins: Sets the road to Freedom of Speech on fire every time he opens his mouth.henry-rollins-angry.jpg

Advantage: Tie (I’m so not getting in the middle of that).

So no winner in this epic battle. But wait till next time. The next Birthday Royale is gonna be a bloodbath.

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