Hollow Earth Radio To Hold Online FCC Workshop


On Thursday, November 8th, one day before the Town Hall FCC Hearing on Media Ownership in Seattle, Hollow Earth Radio will hold a special streaming on-air workshop to help you prepare for the final FCC hearing on Friday, November 9th. This special on-air workshop will be the last in a series of seven workshops held this week in an effort to prepare people to “testify” at the hearing. The hearing in Seattle is the the final media ownership hearing that will be held in the country. Following the hearing, the commission will decide how the current media ownership rules will be changed.

If you’re planning on attending the hearing please come prepared. You should also expect the hearing to be packed to the gills. Visit Reclaim the Media for more details and updates.

Thursday, November 8th:
FCC Workshop Stream (Live)
Hollow Earth Radio
7:30 – 9:00 PM

The six other scheduled workshops begin tonight:

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