It’s Halloween All Weekend Long…


I mean it’s true right? The weekend before a weekday Halloween eve always bring the crazies out. Who can resist the eye candy of thousands of half-naked nurses, cops and witches? What’s up with that girls…? It’s so played out. Keep that shit in the bedroom with that codpiece you bought for your boyfriend at The Castle Superstore. Unless your man can fill that thing out. In that case, carry on. So what is Cherrybomb going to be for Halloween you ask?

Drunker than usual.

At any rate, if you ask me (and you totally know you were gonna) the Halloween Party to be at in Seattle this year is “HalloQueen” at Chop Suey this Saturday, October 27th. HalloQueen is Tim DiJulio (“North Twin” and Mike McCready’s UFO cover band, “Flight To Mars”), Rick Friel (of The Rockfords and and old school fave of Cherrybomb’s, Jodie Watts), Chris Friel (also of The Rockfords and Goodness) and the stellar vocals of Sean Bates.

I saw HalloQueen last year and it was more fun than a giant beach ball full of nitrous. This time around, HalloQueen is joined by “Jennie and the Bets“. You might think with a name like “Jennie and the Bets” it’s safe to assume they are just a straight forward trib to Sir Elton. But I’m not so sure. And if that’s not enough, Buttrock Suites will also belt out a couple of hair band classics clad in full metal regalia from heavy metal hair head, to platform boot toe.

Still need something to do? Well, you’re in luck cha-cha ’cause I do the work so all you have to do is show up and have fun…:

Thursday, October 25th aka “Tonight”
El Corazon
New Plaster is due sometime in 2008. Stay tuned and if you miss ’em tonight, get to The Comet on November 19th when they share the bill with The Ruby Doe.

Friday, October 26th:
Book of Black Earth
SSP Semi-Pro Wrestling
Four of my most favorite things on one amazing bill. If you’re free tonight (Thursday, October 25th) you can catch Lesbian at The Tractor at a gig hosted by Neil Hamburger. Not familiar with Mr. Hamburger? Let me fix that. Thanks to Sleazegrinder for hipping Cherrybomb to the Hamburger…my life has never been the same.
El Corazon

Blade Runner – The Movie
A newly restored “Blade Runner” will take over the Cinerama starting on Friday. And speaking of movies, “Slashermania” is in full bloody machete swing at The Grand Illusion Cinema. Friday and Saturday bring 11:00 pm runs of “Don’t Go Into The Woods Alone” (which has been touted as one of the worst horror films ever) to the projector room. And if you missed it last week, tonight is the last night to catch “Punks Not Dead” one week run at The Grand Illusion.

Saturday, October 27th:
The Cave Singers
Crocodile Cafe
“Invitation Songs”, the first record from Seattle’s Cave Singers, is addictive. And, unlike crystal meth, listening to it won’t rot your teeth.

Zeke always makes me want to take my old Kiss records out ‘cept I never put them away in the first place.

The Whore Moans
Ms. Led
Steel Tigers of Death
The Funhouse

So there you have it. Now let’s review: Meet you by the cave with the singing zeke. You know the same one with that fat-bottomed lesbian whore that moans while playing death metal covers of Elton John songs? That chick is making a mint. But don’t tell Huggy Bear ’cause he will beat her ass, take that money and spend it all on platform shoes made of goldfish bowls. ‘Cause that’s how Huggy rolls yo…

Got it?

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  1. I just hope I have enough liquor for the night…Between DJC and god damn Huggy Bear I will be lucky to have water in the gold fish bowl by Sunday morning…and someone’s face in my toilet bowl. I swear that toilet sees more face than a$$…

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